Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spain offers a C-295 to the Armed Forces of the Philippines

So what exactly is a C-295?

Spanish C-295, courtesy of Wikipedia
Overview: The C-295 is a medium-sized military transport plane that can carry up to 71 troops or three light vehicles from Manila to Davao four times on a single tank of gas. According to its manufacturer, EADS CASA, the C-295 has "a cargo cabin that is the largest of any medium sized military transport [plane]," and has a "lower acquisition and direct operating cost than any other aircraft in its category."
Cost: $22.5M (2002)




Up to 71 troop seats, or 48 fully equipped paratroops (130kg each),

or 24 stretchers with four medical attendants, or

12 intensive care units


Up to five 88x108 inch pallets or three light vehicles or,

three fighter engines like EJ200

Max. cruise speed:260kts (482km/h)

Time to cruising altitude:
12 minutes

Normal operating altitude:
7620m (25,000 ft)

Service ceiling:

Take-off run:
1100m or 844m at normal take-off weight

Landing distance from 15m:729m

Landing run:
320m at ISA, sea level at 20,700 kg weight

Maximum take off weight:
51,150 lb

Maximum payload:
20, 400 lb

Usable fuel capacity:
7,500 liters (1,900 US gallons)


2 x Pratt & Whitney PW127G


690 NM with payload of 9250 kg

750 NM with a payload of 9000 kg

1555 km (840 NM) with payload of 7050 kg

1950 NM with a payload of 6000 kg

4969 km (2683 NM) with 4000 kg payload at normal take-off weight

4167 km (2250 NM) with 6000 kg payload at max. take-off weight

2150 km (1160 NM) with 8000 kg payload (flight envelope 2.25 g)

Ferry range:
5630 km (3040 NM)

Maximum take off weight:
1980 US Gal

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