Friday, October 7, 2011

The Palace Approved Proposed Budget for 2012

Malacañan Palace, courtesy of Wikipedia

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will get around P3 billion on top of the P5 billion already allotted in the modernization fund, according to the Philippine Star.

Here's a general breakdown of the approved proposed budget for 2012:
DOE - P237 billion (14.3% increase)
DPWH - P125.9 billion (13.8% increase)
DND - P106.9 billion (2% increase)
DPWH - P53.6 billion (56% increase)
DILG- P99.3 billion (14% increase)
DOA - P52.9 billion (50.4% increase)
DOH - P44.4 billion (31% increase)
DTC - P38.6 billion (19.5% increase)
DOJ - P15.6 billion (103% increase)

Modernization Fund - P5 billion (same)

Approved Proposed Budget
Philippine Star - Palace Approved Proposed Budget for 2012
2011 Budget (R.A.10147)

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